Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 138 - lunch

Quite some protestation this morning over breakfast as to Mrs Payne rather tanned following spotlight bathing yesterday.  Informed her this positive nonsense, looked exactly the same.  Other half seeming altogether below par today, asked mother if she was not having a hot flush?  This taken most badly by Mrs Payne.  Thought this hilarious.

Coming down for mid-morning tea found Mrs Payne in garden, sunglasses on and in most jolly mood.  Went to back door and shouted would she like tea.  Response in the affirmative, and presently took tea out.

Explained sunbathing altogether ineffective, as most overcast this time of year, and umbrella rather defeating object, as was blocking out sunlight.  Further, was she aware it was raining?

This taken with much annoyance, said was quite aware of weather, and was positively certain to get tanned.  Pointed around by way of demonstration, said by way of explanation,
"See!  Plenty of sun!".  Followed gesture, saw not a jot of sun, begged her pardon, that was the security light.  This altogether ignored.

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