Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 139 - lunch

Positively frightful shopping, and altogether glad to be home and back to work.

Drudged endless shops for various items, and had quite some argument regarding new dress for other half.  Exclaimed already had dress positively identical, could not possible need another.  Followed quite some sharp comments regarding various aspects being altogether different and dress not even remotely same, thank you very much, further dress had been taken to charity shop years ago!

At this Mrs Payne most amused, said I was a fearful idiot, next would be telling me her new dress quite the same also!  Looked at dress rather closely and in much annoyance, thought carefully and said rather thought it was.  Also, she appeared to be wearing it now.  At this Mrs Payne looked down, carefully surveyed herself, promptly put dress in nearest peg, exclaiming with annoyance,
"Bother, now I have to find another!".
Immediately shop assistant appeared, and with fearful look exclaimed to Mrs Payne to put dress,
"where they bloody go".  Thought this altogether familiar.
 Said I would wait in car.

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