Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 139

Other half most disinterested in going to work this morning.  Queried would it be terribly bad if called in sick and did some clothes shopping for holiday?  Replied would be positively awful, and further could not even consider colluding in such plan, would be forced to report her immediately.  In any case had stacks of work myself and such plan frightfully unfair on me.  By the by, when were we going?

Teased other half mercilessly regards this until most annoyed as result.  Said would jolly well go into work at this rate, and had little sore throat anyway, so please be quiet.

Mrs Payne completely baffled by conversation, looking like dog following ball during tennis.  After some silent moments Mrs Payne cleared throat, asked with some confusion,
"So are we going into town?".

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