Friday, 20 April 2012

Day 140 - lunch

Following breakfast, other half said could not possibly go into work today.  Thought this quite terrible, said two days calling in sick positively criminal!  Other half responded not a jot to this, looked altogether ill, poor dear.  Said did rather look under weather, to sit and would bring lemon tea.

Lemon tea duly accepted, said felt fearful and ached all over.  Added, was terribly sorry, but did not think could travel, felt altogether unstable in armchair.  Mrs Payne most unconcerned about this, said was terrible shame, all the same, we could all book somewhere together soon and have jolly week at home together!  Positively furious about this but most concerned about poor other half.  Said was perfectly fine not going, would see about cancellation.

Followed telephone conversation with hotelier, most understanding regards cancellation and taken care of ever so quickly.  Said to other half no money had been lost, and was sure would get well soon and could enjoy some days at home.

Mrs Payne spent quite some time rummaging in handbag, and having retrieved booking number set about telephoning herself regards cancellation.  Was tending to other half and heard awfully sharp words from Mrs Payne on telephone.  Conversation completed, Mrs Payne stalked into lounge, and seeing other half sat in armchair cannoned onto sofa causing upset of cushions.  Before had a moment to ask, Mrs Payne exclaimed in much rage as to hotel quite unable to cancel as had taken week-long deal, not subject to cancellation, was terribly sorry, nothing could do.  Following some moments of silent anger before Mrs Payne erupted once more, said it positive daylight robbery, further, how had I managed cancellation, as quite blatant disregard for aged, and would contact local newspaper!  Explained with quite some care as to paying full rate, and as such afford right to cancel.

After some silence Mrs Payne altogether upset, said could not possibly afford to throw away such money.  Other half said with little energy could muster that should not stay home on her behalf, and intended to go away herself anyway, and further would not hear a word of her staying at home.  Standing, said I thought this a capital idea!  Further, was quite certain train direct, shall I see about bring down her suitcase?

Before had but a moment to object suitcase had been retrieve, other half slowly walked to front door by way of saying goodbye.  Mrs Payne managed only few words,
"But... I say..  No..  But...", and before knew it was at train station.  Mrs Payne regained senses, and most furious as to being cast off on own, said I had planned this all along!  Replied this positively disgraceful thing to say when daughter ill.  With not moment to reply, wished Mrs Payne bon voyage, said was sure to have jolly time, wouldn't wait at station, goodbye!

Returning home found other half rather in better spirits, said was ever so curious, felt rather better!  Lemon tea terribly good remedy!  Gave other half warm embrace at this, said would have jolly time off together even at home.  In each others arms other half said was terribly lucky girl.  Oh, by the by, did not have any milk.  Heart sank at this, replied with dismay,
"Oh bother".


AUTHOR NOTE: The Diary will not be published next week (23rd-27th April), as I am travelling.  The Diary will return to its normal schedule on Monday 30th April.