Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 141

Had most jolly week off and particularly pleased with peace from Mrs Payne.  Had boss and Horseface for dinner number of times who commented on place being quiet.  Said I thought this rather perfect.  Further, have managed to regain control of armchair occupied by Mrs Payne, promptly removing it from enemy grounds upon Mrs Payne leaving, now located near window where Mrs Payne most adverse to sitting.

Waited for Mrs Payne at train station on Saturday afternoon, and most annoyed at not arriving by train arranged.  Waited further hour, as Mrs Payne altogether incommunicable on account of not unwilling to carry mobile telephone due to, "not knowing how they work".  Explained several times, devices altogether simple, can simply press numbers required.  Have since given up following questions on knowing what radio frequency to tune in to and did she need a call sign.

Mrs Payne finally arrived, and in most jolly mood.  Said had quite delightful time and met most interesting and friendly couple, spent quite some time with them.  Followed incessant chatter for entire length of journey home as to them being terribly interesting people, awfully well educated and most dazzling in conversation.  Took this with quiet annoyance, at which Mrs Payne seized opportunity, said,
"See!  You're fearfully boring,  Robert, you never say a word!".  Too annoyed to reply, at which Mrs Payne thinking herself most dazzling, commented again,
"See!  Fearfully!".

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