Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 143 - lunch

No further "transmissions" received by Mrs Payne this morning, although looked at phone throughout breakfast diligently.  Said wondered if soldier had got home.  Other half stifled giggle rather badly.  Said something went down wrong way.

Mrs Payne begged my pardon, but could I see about putting Mrs Perfect's number on telephone?  Had tried herself, was fearfully difficult.  Suspected this all too difficult for me to arrange, would perhaps ask someone "more with it".

Telephone having been set to English from Portuguese, showed Mrs Payne how to add number.  Said could either telephone, or could also send text!  This achieved utter bafflement, said did not know Mrs Perfect's address to send "textagram".  Explained was not "telegram", but text sent to telephone number, ever so convenient.  At this Mrs Payne said I was fearful idiot, text surely short for textagram.  Other half stifled another giggle.

Mrs Payne presently sent message to Mrs Perfect with rather lot of help.  Despite better advice, ended each sentence with "STOP" and message with "OVER AND OUT".  Was terribly pleased with this, asked how long would take to get reply.  Explained was practically instant!  Mrs Payne focused on telephone, awaiting reply with look of expectation on face.  Wondering if perhaps message had been received silently, occasionally turned on telephone, and selecting messages, said "oooo!" with excitement, before seeing 'No Messages', and turning "ooo!" into "oh..." with disappointment.

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