Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 143

Mrs Payne terribly pleased with mobile telephone.  Spent quantity of yesterday evening looking at it.  Begged her pardon, but was she intending on using the device?  This quickly denied, as fearfully complicated to operate.  Was quite unlike my mobile telephone, suitable for, "any idiot".

Other half most tired of this talk of mobile telephone, said it altogether ridiculous mother having one could barely use.  Said would make hot cocoa before bed.

Said to Mrs Payne rather same regards mobile telephone, and perhaps should return it.  This rigorously denied, Mr And Mrs Perfect thought they quite excellent.  This explanation interrupted by Mrs Payne's telephone ringing with quite horrific volume and tune, and Mrs Payne, shouting over the ring tone, exclaimed,
"My first transmission!  How do I connect?".

Having explained to press the little green button Mrs Payne duly answered, and as one peering down a well not knowing what might be therein, queried,

Followed quite some conversation at which was most bemused, with various comments as to the year, the war being over, and should return to base.  Call soon came to end as Mrs Payne ended call with "Over and out", and having explained to press the little red button, hung up.

Mrs Payne altogether shocked, said had received transmission from someone lost at war!  This most exciting, and had provided information on getting this "brave man" home.  Mrs Payne regained looking at her phone with new found awe, saying to herself quietly,
"To think, my phone used for military transmissions!  Fancy!".

Went to see about hot cocoa and found other half rolling around kitchen in muted laughter.  Said I thought this positively terrible of her.  Could I do next one?

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