Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 145 - lunch

Received another call from Mrs Payne before lunch, most surprised as asked could I pick her up from station, OVER.  Most dismayed as was hoping for trip to last all day.  Replied would be there shortly, and put telephone down as heard Mrs Payne exclaiming,
"You forgot to say OVER!".

Picked Mrs Payne up and bound to say in most annoyed mood.  Asked had Mrs Perfect been in, and received terribly terse reply that pair of them positive bounders, would say no more of it.

Provided tea for Mrs Payne once home, and asked rather tentatively if had been problems in Shrewsbury.  Said she rather thought there had.  At this provided little scrap of paper with address, handed it to me with face red with anger.  Read the address and immediately saw problem.  Queried had perhaps relationship with the Perfects not been quite as dazzling as first thought?  This all but ignored, so read out address, said it rather convincing:

Mr & Mrs _________
Lu Nee Farm,

Begged her pardon, but had she asked taxi driver to take her to "Lu Nee Farm"?  Replied in affirmative had asked numerously, shaking with anger promptly threw scrap on fire.

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