Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 145

Most pleased this morning as Mrs Payne said instead of attempting calling Mrs Perfect, would instead pay her visit.  Other half much opposed to this, said would certainly be inconvenience.  Mrs Payne thought it cleverest of plans, would be jolly surprise, and really most dazzling of endeavours.  Supported this view also, as meant entire day of quiet.

Took Mrs Payne to train station and had no sooner come back than telephone rang, Mrs Payne "checking in" at train station, letting me know was safe.  Replied had only dropped her off 10 minutes ago, and could she stop saying "OVER" after every sentence.  This greeted by silence until after some moments of frustration I eventually said, "OVER", and conversation continued.

Several calls followed on 10 minute basis and most annoyed at this as fearfully busy.  Said to Mrs Payne could she stop calling, OVER.  This altogether ignored, as overheard Mrs Payne having argument with ticket collector, saying in much annoyance,
"Do you MIND, I'm transmitting on my radio telephone!".

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