Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 146

Positively fearful weekend, despite bank holiday Monday.  Mrs Payne and other half surprisingly interested in snooker, and quite avid in watching on television.  As such spent quantity of weekend in deathly silence, with any such interjection on baffling nature of their obsession greeted with awfully terse and rather loud comment,

Have caught up awfully well on bills and letters, and Sunday newspaper baron from readers, positively monopolised it myself, except some elements of Sports section, on account of snooker stories.

Helped myself to sherry after dinner awfully careful as to not make noise.  Very pleased as sat down with sherry, other half and Mrs Payne altogether undisturbed.  Was most displeased as other half looked away momentarily, saw my sherry, said was fearfully unkind, would I have them starve?  Explained most unlikely to starve due to lack of sherry, at which Mrs Payne interjected stated I was a bounder, she would like a sherry, and as I attempted defense, replied, shaking with annoyance,

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