Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 147 - lunch

Worked fearfully all morning, but disturbed by faint tapping at door mid-morning.  Opened it to find Mrs Payne with tray of tea items, dress positively covered in water.  Seeing me surveying this, Mrs Payne said by way of explanation,
"Forgot about the spout again!", proceeded to barge into office.

Mrs Payne took tea lady duties most seriously, asked would I like milk, and having laid tray on desk, proceeded to monopolise entirety of my time as she carefully poured out milk, insistent I not help.  Milk having been poured, and one of three types of biscuit selected, Mrs Payne set about pouring tea.  Begged her pardon, but tea seemed awfully weak.  This positively unfathomable, Mrs Payne said should perhaps leave for longer.  Several moments passed as ate biscuit, resigned to time saving by Mrs Payne's assistance positively impossible.  Finally Mrs Payne said should we try again, at which proceeded to pour once more, tea still weak.

By way of rehearsing steps for tea making, Mrs Payne set about various mimes whilst talking to herself.  Following this, proceeded to remove lid from tea pot, exclaimed with surprise,
"Oh I say!  No tea!".

Followed, Mrs Payne tottered downstairs, and in most ridiculous of strategies, came back upstairs carefully balancing tea spoon of tea.  Said this rather too little, at which Mrs Payne explained rather lot had fallen off on journey.  Most disappointed by this, Mrs Payne said I could have it, at which dropped tea leaves directly into my cup, half filled with hot water and milk.  Most pleased with this, said was sure it delicious, wouldn't interrupt for moment longer.  At this, picked up tray, promptly spilling milk jug.  Tray now pooled with milk, precariously set about leaving the room, carefully balancing tide of milk on tray, exclaiming,
"Oh I say!".

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