Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 147

Terribly busy at moment due to four day week.  Altogether convenient for weekend, not for productivity.  As such have five days of work to cram into four.

Have told Mrs Payne have not a jot of time for mid-morning and -afternoon tea making, and will work through lunch also to make up time.  Mrs Payne most put out by this, said didn't know how to make tea, would be positively parched by time other half got home.  Declared this absolute nonsense, tea altogether simple to make.  At this Mrs Payne steeled herself, said would try fearfully to provide tea as was working so hard.  By the by, did one put milk in pot also?

Most frustrating as explained to Mrs Payne how to make tea, eventually agreed it altogether simple.  Test run rather unsuccessful as Mrs Payne tried pouring water into kettle through spout, at which water sprayed all over sink, Mrs Payne, and by way of shock, Mrs Payne proceeded to spill water onto my slippers.  Apology altogether unacceptable of,
"Oh!  I am silly!", proceeding to spill more.

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