Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day 148 - lunch

Had quite enough of Mrs Payne's horrifying tea, so made flask for work this morning, quite ingenious, as had tea all morning and not a jot of time wasted or interruption from Mrs Payne.  This taken altogether badly, said would be frightfully quiet in house, had not a thing to do all day, sure to be terribly bored.

Most annoyed mid-morning as had little tapping at door, and opened to find Mrs Payne smiling most abundantly, said had made me coffee!  Had perfected technique, was most delicious!  Had two herself by way of testing.  Really, should try, and should she put it down?  No?  Was I sure?  Really, most delicious!  Found this most disconcerting, said most sternly coffee very kind, but had tea, and would she please go and sit down and calm herself.

Pleased to say achieved awful lot this morning, but again interrupted before lunch by fearful noise of vacuum cleaner.  This went on all too long, and just as about to go and ask what devil was happening, Mrs Payne burst into room, vacuuming at fearful rate, with look of determination and mania in eyes.  Queried at terrible volume and much annoyance what on earth was going on, at which Mrs Payne replied in astonishing rapidity that was feeling most energetic, place awfully dusty, vacuuming house, certainly dusty, this room worst, please could I move chair, dust very bad for chest, please could I replace chair, more to do yet, would be back, awfully dusty, curtains too!  Following this whirlwind of noise, Mrs Payne left room, slamming door.  Stood in shock, hearing through door Mrs Payne uttering manically,
"Dust!  Dust!  Dust!".

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