Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day 148

Still rather behind on work, as although fearfully busy yesterday afternoon, had constant interruptions for tea.  Each visit from Mrs Payne another abomination.

Having recovered tray of milk to kitchen, Mrs Payne said tea making better suited to kitchen.  As such brought up tea after lunch already made.  Said was surely delicious, but would I care to try it.  Did so, found tea rather weak, and also milky.  This explained, Mrs Payne said was terribly sorry, had not put enough water in pot, as such only drops of tea available, but filled cup up with milk, didn't want to be disappointed.

Explained rule for tea leaves of 'one per cup, and one for the pot', received second cup later in afternoon altogether more optimistically.  Bound to say found this quite strongest tea, rather tar like in consistency.  Said was terribly sorry, but if put biscuit in that, would very likely dissolve.  This taken with much annoyance from Mrs Payne, said had put in cups required, one each, and one for pot.  Begged her pardon, had she put entire cup of tea in?  At this Mrs Payne said was a fearful idiot, had put three in!  Explained this altogether too much tea, had meant tea spoons of leaves.  Mrs Payne tottered downstairs most upset, as having asked would I like the tea anyway, said I would rather die of thirst.

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