Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 149 - lunch

Pleased to say Mrs Payne returned to base, and returned also calm.  Said had walked positively leagues in afternoon, returning home before dinner rather worn out, complaining of aching legs and had not a jot of energy.

Mrs Payne most lethargic through dinner, propping head up with elbow on table, said sleepily not a drop of narcotic would pass her lips.  This evidently proven true, as some way through dinner Mrs Payne fell asleep, still brandishing upright a sausage on her fork.

Woke Mrs Payne, having cleared up, leaving all but fork and sausage in Mrs Payne's possession.  Was most annoyed about this, said was only resting her eyes, was still eating.  Informed Mrs Payne as to dinner being rather cold by now, by the by, had also had dessert and washed up.

Helped Mrs Payne to lounge, most stiff on account of walking, and much aggravated at sitting on sofa, as positively refused to help to my armchair.

All sat down, said had been positively frightful day, think deserved sherry.  Poured glass for other half, most exasperated at mother's antics, had rather large glass myself.  Set about sitting down, Mrs Payne most annoyed, said terribly sorry to be of nuisance, but was she invisible?  Said certainly not, but had she not said not a drop of narcotic would pass her lips?  This duly denied, said had not single recollection of it, and if would not provide sherry, would jolly well pour herself.  At this proceeded various oofing, was quite unable to upright herself from sofa.  Said with sigh would get her small glass.  Having retrieved glass and bottle from cabinet went about pouring rather ungenerous half glass, and by time had taken it to sofa, Mrs Payne positively asleep.  Realised after some moments this most unwise, explained to other half, mother was sitting on cushion wet from puddle.

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