Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 150 - lunch

Came downstairs mid-morning as with Mrs Payne had forgot about flask of tea, and most surprised to find Mrs Payne altogether absent from armchair.  Heard much oofing from kitchen, and presently found Mrs Payne slowly tottering around kitchen, leaning heavily on wheeled serving cart.  Was most annoyed at this, said did she know she was buckling wheels?  This vigorously denied, said had buckled wheels earlier sitting on it.

Had quite some argument regards ruining another serving cart, with Mrs Payne most unconcerned, said had brought it on myself regards no biscuits.  Besides, was sure item was most inferior quality, although was altogether more stable now wheels buckled.  At this promptly sat down, causing frightful creaking, was sure item would buckle entirely, explode into shards.  Pleased with demonstration, Mrs Payne said with satisfaction,

Having made toast, Mrs Payne set about returning to lounge.  Most annoyed to find Mrs Payne altogether blocking door when returning to office with tea.  Said with much annoyance did she mind, was trying to work.  Mrs Payne most flustered with this, said was not her fault legs stiff, fearful body letting her down, mind was fit as fiddle!  Manoeuvring from door Mrs Payne sat on cart by way of letting me past.  Exclaimed as walked past, was quite sure mind fit as fiddle, reaching stairs shouted back thoughtfully, did her mind know she was sitting on toast?

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