Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 151 - lunch

Finished playing dominoes with Mrs Payne, and most annoyed as lost fearfully.  This not helped by Mrs Payne repeating request about bunion.  Lost altogether a pound before thankfully being rescued by telephone call.  Said was terribly sorry, would not have time for bunion, perhaps could ask daughter?  Most displeased as Mrs Payne added other half said I was positive expert in bunions.  Sure other half thought this quite hilarious.  Will tickle mercilessly later.

Boss said good news was had some work to do, bad news was work was for Professor Updike.  Said was terribly sorry, but Professor "Uptight" from next door?  This explained in the affirmative, with much amusement to nickname, said it rather more accurate than perhaps realised.

Work was outlined as artwork for charity event for university, project Uptight fearfully serious about, would accept only very best work.  Said would be around this afternoon by way of visit, hope this acceptable, would be terribly grateful.  By the by, did I have any earl grey tea?  Professor fearfully particular about tea, and shouldn't like to upset him.  Certainly add this to expenses, many thanks, good-bye.

Explained to Mrs Payne would have visitor later, and set about finding some earl grey tea, quite sure had some in back of cupboard.  Mrs Payne most displeased upon hearing visitor was Uptight, queried with some annoyance,
"Shall I put away the good biscuits?".

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