Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 151

Very pleased as finished work on time on Friday, as such have not a jot to do until hear from boss this morning.  Suggested to Mrs Payne at breakfast perhaps would like to play dominoes this morning.  This accepted as delightful idea, further, could I have look at her bunion later?

Agreed as to playing one or two games, then would be fearfully busy immediately afterwards.  Also agreed to playing for 20 pence pieces as usual.  Mrs Payne warned had been practicing late at night, was rather good.  Said she was one of those professional players, what were they called?  Had heard about them on news.  Started with domino-something.

Having explained had not clue what Mrs Payne talking about went to retrieve dominoes from cupboard.  Cowered in horror as Mrs Payne, exclaimed after some thought,
"Ah, I remember!  You better watch me, Robert, I'm rather good.  I'm a dominatrix!".

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