Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 152

Bound to say meeting with Professor Uptight positively fearful yesterday.  Had earl grey tea ready for arrival at 4 o'clock, and not ashamed to say had asked Mrs Payne to stay in lounge by way of moral support.

Had knock at door as clock chimed four and in walked Uptight, most regal in manner, causing Mrs Payne to rise to be greeted, rather as one might meet the queen.  Offered tea immediately, by way of putting Uptight in best mood, said had earl grey, naturally, and offered biscuit from arrangement of best we had to offer.  (Will expense these also.)

Tea having been poured, Uptight set about explaining project.  This altogether straight-forward, with requirement for poster to be used at charity function on Thursday evening.  Most annoyed as Mrs Payne interrupted, said with awful wince,
"I say, this tea is fearful, Robert!  What did you say it was called?  Early Grave?".
At this Mrs Payne started promptly on biscuits as Uptight continued regards tea, said was quite rankest tea had ever had the misfortune to taste.  Most annoyed at this.

Following explanation of project, Uptight queried in most rude manner as to did I find it hard working from home.  Rigorously defending this, said as it happens yes I worked rather hard.  At this Mrs Payne looked up, and having almost chocked on biscuit, said rather seriously,
"Fearfully hard.", adding with some thought, "Apart from this morning.  We played dominoes and I won!".

Thanked Professor for his time, said I would be in touch.  Uptight most sarcastic when leaving, said would not want to interrupt dominoes, thank you.

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