Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 153 - lunch

Most annoyed as received email this morning from boss, was terribly sorry, but barring of Uptight (his term) caused rather a stink, also, what was this he heard about awful tea?  Replied to boss was sorry for complaint, tea altogether last resort, Mrs Payne's doing.  This duly accepted, said it positively hilarious, but please let Uptight in next time.  Also, could I see about some good tea?

Having retrieved altogether fancy and expensive earl grey, set about work, and bound to say have done rather good job.  By means of keeping peace, adhered to Uptight's ridiculous scribblings where possible, and completed draft.

Showed Mrs Payne work over lunch.  Was altogether disinterested, as fearfully annoyed at Uptight coming again later.  Took quite some convincing at not getting gravy out for tea, said, almost shaking with anger,
"I'll do it, Robert!  God help me, I'll do it!".

Calmed Mrs Payne, said agreed entirely, but boss had said this quite impossible tactic.  Asked would she like to try some proper earl grey for lunch?  This reticently agreed to, so brewed a nice pot with correct amount of leaves.

Gave cup to Mrs Payne, and upon tasting gave rather disgusted look as one having eaten ash, said looking down at cup with displeasure I was fearful idiot, had surely made it wrong.  Altogether concerned about this, as cannot afford another Uptight upset.  Putting cup down rather firmly, Mrs Payne exclaimed with annoyance,
"I'd own that's worse than yesterday.  Pass the gravy granules."

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