Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 153

Expected worst yesterday afternoon, and pleased to say had foresight to prime Mrs Payne with excuse, should need arise.  As such came as positively no surprise to hear knock at front door around 4 o'clock, and with terrible care, peered out of window saw Professor Uptight's car back from university.

Heard from downstairs Mrs Payne most adamant, said was terribly sorry, I was working, and not to be disturbed.  Uptight most annoyed at this, said was disgrace, was paying for time, and would jolly well be having words.  Somewhat concerned about this, however Mrs Payne defended beautifully, ending conversation with,
"Really, terribly sorry, but perhaps you'd like some tea?".
Ducked behind curtain as saw Uptight stalk down drive, shouting behind him with much annoyance,
"Tell Smith I'll be having words!".

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