Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 154 - lunch

Sent quite some email to boss this morning saying Professor Uptight most unreasonable yesterday, further had every likelihood of complaint.  As such had attached work, and hoped he approved.  Received reply almost immediately, work altogether acceptable, but had heard not a word from Uptight.  Knew quite not what to make of this, so spent morning with rather little to do.

Heard knock at front door mid-morning, and most surprised to find Uptight on doorstep.  Seeing him inside, Mrs Payne asked terribly politely and with gritted teeth,
"Should I prepare some tea?", with quite ridiculous emphasis, as may as well have said 'by the by, I'll add gravy'.
Explained would make tea myself, thank you ever so much.  Altogether missing this point, Mrs Payne added again,
"I rather think, I make the best tea.", at which had quite some argument that,
"NO, I do not think you make the best tea.  THANK YOU.".

Uptight most annoyed at this coded conversation, said did I mind, but had business.  At this said most politely, how could I help?  By this point Uptight had altogether taken coat off, and handing it to Mrs Payne, most indignant in her acceptance, said he had called off printing posters until late this afternoon, had called in quite some favour to do so, as such we would have to work furiously all day on a new design.  Would not let my ineptitude drag down the charity event, would jolly well make design himself, I could enter it into computer.

Having seen Uptight's ridiculous scribblings previously, was quite happy to let Professor hang on his own petard.  As such said this quite acceptable idea, should we start?

Mrs Payne, as one seizing an opportunity to do great good in the world, said with pride,
"No need, I've done a design already!".
At this, provided envelope with design.  Was terribly sorry, had sat on it.
Uptight looked at the envelope for a few moments, with look of disgust on face, and quite cutting Mrs Payne, looked at me, said,
"Shall we get started?".
Mrs Payne silently shaking with anger at this, and as went upstairs, called afterwards, with audible anger,
"Shall I make the tea?", to which responded with much aggravation, "NO TEA!".

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