Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 154

Much annoyed yesterday, as had Professor Uptight around reviewing charity poster design.  Explained had tried to incorporate his suggestions, thought result rather good.  Mrs Payne looked on also, gave hum of approval.

Some moments passed of silence, after which Uptight broke into quite fearful rant, said was terribly sorry, design most unacceptable.  Had seen rather better from undergraduate art students.  Composition positively terrible, as was colour, and bore no resemblance to what had drawn himself.  Sorry to ask, but had I received formal education in design?  Stood in outraged silence at this, rather shaking with anger.

Mrs Payne took her opportunity, said with sigh,
"Never mind, I'll do another design.  Robert, get me a pen, would you, I'll draw on this envelope.".
At this Uptight most annoyed, queried had Mrs Payne helped with design before?
Mrs Payne most pleased, said she rather had, and had he seen advertisement design in newspaper of late?  Was her design!
Decided this altogether too much, and at quite some volume, begged Uptight's pardon, but as it happens was professionally qualified, and Mrs Payne contributed not a JOT to any of my designs.  Any such advertisement based on scribblings of Mrs Payne carried out by boss, and further more, if had problem with my design, would jolly well suggest he talk to boss!

Looked directly at Uptight for some moments with stern fury in my eyes, and after some moments Uptight realised all was lost, and saying not a word, stalked out the place.

Mrs Payne rather taken back by this, said with surprise,
"I say, Robert, what a fearful man.  Now, about that pen..".

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