Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 155 - lunch

Heard Uptight's car arrive last night, the five of us having come back to our home with mixture of relief and raucous laughter interspersed with sherry.  Peeped through curtains to check their trajectory and pleased to say headed back to their own house.  Mrs Payne had already bolted for stairs, with instruction to say was in bed not feeling well.  Boss said he rather thought he's join her.  Horseface rather displeased at this.

Had all but forgotten about terrible poster by this morning, and bound to say had positively relaxed breakfast, as had altogether little to do.  Also had rather headache.

Positively mortified mid-morning to hear Mrs Payne answer door, further, comment in most displeased manner,
"Oh, it's you.".
At this came downstairs to face inevitable meeting with Professor Uptight.  Much surprised however as Uptight in brightest of moods, said was a delightful morning, didn't we think?  This abruptly answered by Mrs Payne with single word,
"Tea?".  This duly denied by Uptight, said he was terribly busy today, was only a flying visit.  By the by, would like to thank me for helping with poster!  Went down terribly well, and almost everyone commented as to how he could possibly have thought it up, and really brought home the horror some of the people the charity helped might suffer.  At this, wished us good day, and let himself out!

Mrs Payne, much disgruntled by this unwelcome brightness, said with much annoyance,
"I say, 'horror the people suffered'?  Are they colour blind, or quite mad do you think?".

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