Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 156 - lunch

Most annoyed mid-morning as Mrs Payne answered door, presently called up,
"It's for you!".  Set about coming downstairs, and having asked who it was, Mrs Payne replied in much annoyance,
"I said: IT'S FOR YOU!".
Mrs Payne stalked back to sofa with positive fury on her face, and getting to front door found Mrs Uptight on doorstep, grinning with sickening sweetness and holding rather paltry bunch of flowers.

Followed explanation was terribly sorry about last night, had last minute dinner engagement, could not possibly cancel, was sure we understood!  Smiled in silence at this, as Mrs Uptight continued, in any case, had spoken to other half upon leaving for work this morning, said they could come tonight!  Was sure it would be delightful!  Also, here were some flowers, hope we liked them.  Would not keep me, would see us this evening at 10 o'clock, good-bye!

Before had time to say 10 o'clock rather late for dinner, Mrs Uptight had retreated down drive, leaving awful flowers in her stead.  Shut front door in much annoyance, and sat down in armchair, mirroring Mrs Payne's stone-faced fury.  After some minutes of silent agitation, Mrs Payne glanced up, saying,
"May I?", pointing to flowers.  Having handed Mrs Payne flowers, she shook with annoyance, promptly plunged them in waste paper basket flower first with much viciousness, exclaimed with much agitation,
"Horrible woman!".

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