Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 156

Apologies for no diary last week.  Was frightfully busy and had not a jot of time.

In any event, had finished work by end of week and enjoyed relaxing weekend.  This fearfully spoiled however as other half, in act of reckless disregard, invited the Uptights for dinner.  Mrs Payne and I protested vigorously about this, with other half most disinterested, said the Bible said,
"Love thy neighbour".  Replied this positive nonsense, what did it say regarding thy neighbour being an ass?

Spent most of Sunday preparing for dinner, with Mrs Payne and I begrudgingly helping.  As such by dinner time had toiled all day regards food and tidying, and as changed for dinner bound to say was in quite furious mood.

Heard knock on bedroom door and answered it to find Mrs Payne with much air of excitement, saying as one about to pop,
"Have you heard!  They cancelled!  Fearfully rude though, telephoned with barely half an hour to go!".
Said I had not heard the news, but found this altogether delightful.  Promptly closed the door in Mrs Payne's face and began undressing, with Mrs Payne exclaiming behind the door with some agitation,
"I wish he wouldn't do that.".

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