Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 157 - lunch

Professor and Mrs Uptight arrived at 10 o'clock, said was terribly nice to invite us, food smelled delicious!  Sitting in lounge Mrs Uptight smiled sweetly, although rather less so as saw flowers.  This altogether embarrassing as one flower head fallen off entirely.

Mrs Payne having gone to bed, sat in lounge whilst dinner cooked.  Explained Mrs Payne had been called away to sister, but would return shortly.  Really, nothing to worry about.

Bound to say this fearfully dull, and conversation altogether silent in points.  Was rather glad when dinner came, although Uptights looked rather confused as plates put onto table to find other half and my salmon quite half of their own.  This also proved difficult, as had to eat ever so slowly and with tiny morsels such that would not have finished dinner in but seconds.  Fortunately dinner came to end rather quickly, although other half most upset as Mrs Uptight said was terribly sorry, but didn't like frozen salmon!  Explained in awfully nice way that really, had heard best way was to freeze fish at source.  This frightfully denied by Uptights.

Was altogether weary following dessert, and had not a jot of intention to offer sherry.  Unfortunately had left bottle out from earlier 'dutch courage'.  As such ended up pouring glasses following hint from Uptight.  Poured rather small glasses for other half and I, as had already partaken earlier, and was in danger of falling asleep.

All sipped their sherry in conversation-less discomfort.  Looked that Mrs Uptight displeased with her husband's suggestion of sherry also.

Following particular period of silence heard one or two steps from upstairs.  Awfully concerned about this as house to Uptights' knowledge was empty.  This rather worsened, as Mrs Payne, descended stairs, saying with quite some chirp,
"I take it by the quiet that they've gone!", before coming into view, and saying with some dread,
"Oh I say.".

Uptights fiercely polite about this, said did not know had come back from her sister's, and how was she, well they hoped?  Must have come back whilst were having dinner, indeed, was positively quiet as a mouse!  Mrs Payne altogether nervous about this, said yes, quite well thank you very much.

Followed period of silence, as Mrs Payne rather obligated to join party, made somewhat more difficult as Mrs Payne in quite horrific nightgown.  After some time Mrs Payne, relieved at article of conversation, said brightly,
"So, it's the Queen's jubilee next weekend!  Terribly exciting, I own we should have a street party!".
Other half terribly excited about this, said was a delightful idea to celebrate 60 years.  Quite some plans were made regards food and festivities, whilst Uptights remained altogether silent.  Other half exclaimed was sure everyone would join in!  Excitement rather dampened as Professor Uptight said most seriously would certainly not count on THEIR support, as monarchy quite ridiculous in outdated concept, may well as be slaves!  Further, would be positively hanged before would celebrate 60 years of rule of anyone!

Sherry finished rather quickly thereafter, and all said goodnight.  Uptight pulled me aside on doorstep, said by the by, was everyone okay money-wise?  Had noticed our pieces of salmon rather small, and sherry glasses also.  Further, Mrs Payne's nightdress positively rags.  Could certainly see about some more university work if this was helpful.  Received quite a start at this notion, said goodnight in rather fluster, and shut front door in Professor's face.  Returned to lounge with heart positively racing, only to see Mrs Payne plunging flowers back into waste paper basket.

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