Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 158 - lunch

Went down for mid-morning tea and positively bombarded by Mrs Payne immediately upon sight, exclaiming,
"I say Robert, about this party.".
Followed, Mrs Payne saying had worked tirelessly all morning, but really altogether difficult planning.  Would I be so kind as to help?  Replied absolutely not, however would she like tea?

Mrs Payne most insistent, followed me into kitchen asking would I hear her list?  As kettle boiled said I could spare a few moments, at which Mrs Payne retrieved her envelope.  Explained all best work was done on back of envelope, and if I was ready, would proceed.  Said please do so, as Mrs Payne took deep breath, and started.

"Item 1.  Cake."

"What do you think?"

Replied thought the list rather short, although had no doubt hit the nail on the head so far.  Tea being made set about returning to office, with Mrs Payne tottering behind desperately requesting additions.  Stopping at stairs, thought for few moments and asked Mrs Payne how many people would be coming.  Mrs Payne replied would be at least a hundred, would think.  Having thought some more, said as I climbed stairs,
"Best put cake down twice then, don't want to run out.".
Heard Mrs Payne behind me, saying quietly as she wrote,
"Item..  2..  More..  Cake..".

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