Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 159 - lunch

Mrs Payne set out earlier to deliver flyers.  Looked out of bedroom window as saw her tottering rather slowly from house to house of neighbours.  Watched for some minutes as Mrs Payne delivered to first three houses.  Following this, stopped for a moment, wiped her brow with handkerchief, and having sat on nearby wall, got out flask of tea and little napkin of biscuits.

Thought this quite ridiculous as Mrs Payne enjoyed her picnic, opened window and shouted to her, no more than 10 yards from house,
"That's my flask!  You'll have to work faster than that too!".
Mrs Payne gave quite a start at this, dropped her biscuit on the ground and looked quite furious.
Decided had best get to work.

Most annoyed to be interrupted mid-morning by telephone call, and following several furious exclamations,
"Mrs Payne!  Telephone!", remembered she was out.
Followed most annoying conversation where recipient of flyer stated would certainly not be attending, but by the by, was I aware Jubilee spelled with one 'L', flyer said July, not June, and woman delivering had left flask on his wall, would I be so kind as to collect it?
Positively furious as stalked out of house to retrieve my flask, saw not a jot of Mrs Payne, presumably causing biscuit-fuelled mayhem elsewhere.

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