Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 159

Not a jot of peace last night as other half helped Mrs Payne with plans for Jubilee party.  Followed interruption whilst reading newspaper positively every minute, asking how many tables would we need, did people still eat vol au vents, and might I know a marching band?  Replied had not slightest idea to all of these queries.  Said the English way to celebrate things was to do nothing at all.  At this Mrs Payne, with fearful impression of Queen, shouted in shrill voice,
"Orf with his 'ead!'.  Abominable laughter followed for several minutes.

Eventually gave up newspaper, as inevitably got dragged in to help.  Mrs Payne produced yet another envelope with sketch of design for flyer to deliver to neighbours.  Quickly produced this, and having asked Mrs Payne how many required, presently printed two hundred.  Declared whilst printing this seemed rather lot.  Mrs Payne said I was fearful idiot, this house had three people in, would need to deliver four or five to some houses!

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