Friday, 1 June 2012

Day 160 - lunch

Set out myself mid-morning to deliver some flyers for Jubilee party.  Pleased to say this rather quicker than Mrs Payne, although had not a jot of intention to delivery all two hundred.  Rather, delivered to those on our Close and two adjacent.

Most annoyed whilst delivering, as had quite trail of recipients meandering after me with complaint of mistakes and asking most ridiculous questions regards organisation.  Said I had not a clue, and should telephone, per flyer, if interested.

Thought it most amusing once home to realise had put flyer through Uptights' door also.  Bound to say delivery quite mindless as focused on task.  Wondered what they would do about it.

Found Mrs Payne sat by telephone with look of utmost focus on receiver.  Asked had she received any calls, to which said with disappointment had not!  At just such moment, telephone rang, which Mrs Payne answered in an instant.  Waited with anticipation as Mrs Payne provided several minutes of abrupt answers,
"Yes..  Yes..  Five..  No..".  After this, Mrs Payne said excitedly,
"Will you be coming to our Jubilee Party?".
Followed some moments of murmured agreement, at which Mrs Payne exclaimed, "Namaste!" and replaced the receiver.
After some curious moments, bound to say had to ask Mrs Payne who did she speak to.  At this received nonchalant reply that was terribly nice chap from India!  Was altogether unavailable for party, however.  Focusing again on telephone, Mrs Payne said with pleasure,
"I DO like telephone surveys!".

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