Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 161 - lunch

Other half and I ventured into kitchen around breakfast time, and bound to say was most displeased to find kitchen in even worse state.  Further, Mrs Payne positively covered in flour, with quantity on my chair.  Only realised this having sat down.  Mrs Payne most annoyed at complaints on cleanliness, said excess flour only to be expected, in any event, would brush it up and use for next batch.

Thinking it altogether wiser if we made cakes, other half suggested we would take over cake making whilst Mrs Payne prepared other items.  This duly accepted, Mrs Payne shook quantity of flour from dress, said not to forget the extra butter, and said she was going to put out table.

Decided against helping Mrs Payne with table, perhaps not wisest of choice.  In free moment between cake batches, looked out from lounge window to find table in middle of road, with Mrs Payne arranging mass of union jacked adorned items.  Seeing path on which table arrived there, noticed awful mess of Uptights' lawn, where table legs had left deep grooves of soil through grass where Mrs Payne had evidently dragged table legs.  Was sure Uptight would be positively livid at this, waved with amusement at Mrs Payne, who responded with smile and wave of little union jack.

Returned some time later to window to find not a soul having joined Mrs Payne, now sat at table, dutifully waving her flag to keep up spirit whilst in centre of table proudly sat five cup cakes, and one screwed up cake case.  In meantime, other half and I most pleased as had made positively 50 cakes, with rather little attrition due to "taste tests".  Suggested we forge on to create more, as thought of joining Mrs Payne quite frightful.

Heard knock at front door some time later, and most pleased to see boss and Horseface having arrived.  Had brought with them quantity of bunting from cricket club, was likely enough to cover the whole area.

Bound to say boss rather displeased, said was I aware Mrs Payne's table rather in way of road, almost drove into her.  Had wound down his window to say as much, to which Mrs Payne greeted him in most jolly mood, gave him a cup cake, explaining it was her last, and rather sternly said would he mind moving his automobile out of the way of the party?

At this Mrs Payne came in, said had we made any more cakes, was not a crumb left.  Queried as to where cakes had gone, as not a solitary person had joined party, other than boss.  This explained by Mrs Payne with much annoyance,
"I ate them!".

Mrs Payne returned to table, placing six new cup cakes in centre of table, and regained her flag waving.  Other half, boss, Horseface and I looked on with disappointment.  Boss explained had driven past number of parties, looking most jolly by this time, and yet had not a person ourselves.  Horesface asked other half rather quietly, would Elisabeth be disappointed?

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