Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 161

Woken up this morning awfully early with quite clatter from kitchen.  Most annoyed at this, went to investigate to find sugar and flour positively covering the place, with Mrs Payne explaining was making cakes for today's Jubilee party.  Very excited, said first batch came out of oven while ago, and was having tea break before next batch.

Looked upon cup cakes, all rather wonky, but possibly edible at the least.  Declared them positive triumph, however might perhaps need more than six?  At this Mrs Payne explained in much annoyance was not an idiot, had made eight, however had eaten two during tea break.

Gave one cake something of a poke, and found it altogether stodgy, finger leaving round indentation.  Mrs Payne most annoyed about this, said did I mind.  Further criticism as to cake's stodginess most unwelcome, said had put extra butter in, "for taste".  Replied may as well take block of butter and stick icing on the top, might she follow the recipe for the rest?  At this Mrs Payne gave some thought to butter with icing on top, then with much aggravation called me a fearful idiot.  Said I was going back to bed.  Mrs Payne cared not a jot for this, having ended her tea break, said brightly,
"Right, more cakes!  Where's the butter?".

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