Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day 162 - lunch

All watched in admiration as Mrs Payne, armed with cakes and wearing her best Sunday hat set off to neighbours' houses.  Was apparently most delightful in her manner, as each house kindly took a cake and had little chat, as we heard Mrs Payne laughing in response.  At the third house Mrs Payne went to sit down on wall, but stopped herself, and straightening her hat, forged on into neighbourhood.

Watching Mrs Payne disappear, we noticed under our umbrellas drizzle had largely stopped, leaving only grey sky above and some darkness.  Wiping chairs we all sat, as other half went off to make tea.

Mrs Payne returned some time later, looking altogether warm but with fierce determination.  Said at once,
"I am enjoying the party!", and helped herself to tea.

Bound to say had rather some admiration for Mrs Payne, as still not a guest in sight.  Ventured to Mrs Payne with optimism,
"I say, Mrs Payne, 'build it, and they will come!', Field of Dreams!".
At this Mrs Payne looked most confused, looked at us with positive mystification, as Horseface tried to explain,
"Build it, and they will come!  Kevin Costner!".
Finishing her cake, Mrs Payne queried carefully,
"Is Kevin Costner coming?".

Before had a jot of time for more painful explanation, boss said with surprise,
"I say Bitty, look behind you!".  Doing so, we saw rather young family carefully lifting table out into street.  Mrs Payne smiled with delight at this, turned to us with pride,
"That'll be Kevin!".

Having barely any rest, Mrs Payne got up from table to greet the family.  Were decided not the Costners, but all the same, most welcome.  Bound to say husband possibly burliest chap had ever seen, with wife quite tiny.  Thought him positively fearful at distance, but was awfully nice chap and offered him tea and cake.  His wife said had made some sandwiches, and would be bringing them out presently.  Their children joined also, instantly attracted to Mrs Payne, giving them each a flag.

Seeing the activity, two more families looked out from doorways, and with application of cakes for all and flags for children, Mrs Payne duly grew her little party to four tables, with other families bringing food and chairs.  Throughout this Mrs Payne worked tirelessly whilst other half, boss, Horseface and I watched on with pride.  Saw once or twice Uptight looking out of window and not ashamed to say gave him rather amused wave.  Looked awfully displeased about this and stole away from window immediately.

Most surprised some time later as heard awfully loud music blaring out of what turned out to be our home.  Looked over to see Mrs Payne having opened lounge window, and with previous method of antagonising Uptights, propped speaker on window.  Seeing us Mrs Payne gave wave and terribly large smile.  Several people gestured rather, with Mrs Payne altogether confused.  Decided to pass on message in person, and going to window shouted over music to Mrs Payne,

Music having been changed, Mrs Payne and I left house, and most shocked as were positively accosted by Professor Uptight.  Bound to say both of us rather shrank as Uptight most aggressively provided rant at quite frantic pace and volume, with Mrs Payne becoming most upset.  Heart pounded as I steeled myself to give him some rather sharp words myself, however before had opened mouth burly chap appeared from nowhere, looked at Uptight directly, said did he mind, we were celebrating Jubilee!  At this Mrs Payne fearlessly shook her flag, and as Uptight retreated without another word said, Mrs Payne explained quietly to chap,
"Uptight is a fearful snob.".
Burly chap thought this nickname positively hilarious, shouted after the Professor,
"Oi!  Uptight!  Ya snob!".
Uptight stopped momentarily, visibly shook with rage, and without looking around continued to stalk into house.  Mrs Payne said chap was terribly kind, might we get back to party?

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