Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day 162

Had lunch yesterday mainly consisting cake, as were waiting in vain hope for party guests later.  Horseface said were terribly nice, did we bake many?  Explained we rather had.  Approximately ninety in fact.  Horseface rather despondent at this, said slowly, with all the optimism of a funeral,
"I'm sure we'll get some people soon.".

Decided had better go out and see Mrs Payne, upon which realised had in fact started drizzling lightly.  Mrs Payne remained unmoved, waving her flag and with look of fearless resolve.  Begged her pardon, but had she noticed was raining?  Received awfully sharp response, and with each word she viciously waved her flag,
"I'm!  Enjoying!  The!  Party!".
Seeing this, other half, boss and Horseface came out of house, and holding umbrella, boss asked Mrs Payne perhaps she would like to come inside, with enticement of having cakes.  Mrs Payne most sharp at this, pointed to two remaining soggy cakes on table, said with some annoyance,
"I have cakes!  CAN'T THEY SEE WE'VE GOT CAKES!".

Following several moments of silence, all looked around in shock to hear Professor Uptight shouting from front door,
"I say!  What the devil!  What have you done to my lawn?!  I'm glad your party is a wash out, good riddance to you AND the Queen!".  Before had a second to respond, Uptight slammed front door, causing knocker to bounce several times, and we were once more in silence.

Other half put hand on her mother's shoulder, said with some feeling,
"I think it's time to go in."
Mrs Payne shook with annoyance, said slowly and with regal firmness,
"Robert, would you get my Sunday hat and a dozen cakes?".

Will continue later.

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