Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 163 - lunch

Back to work today and finding it quite insufferable.  Most annoying as have constant echo through house "ACHOO!", followed by sniff, and "What a jolly day!".

Came down for lunch and found Mrs Payne in kitchen positively covered in flour again, and making cakes.  Begged her pardon, but had eaten quite enough cakes earlier in week, why was she making more?  This duly explained as was sure Horseface trying her best, but would not want her to fall short, so would take some cakes along to tea tomorrow, "just in case".  Suggested this altogether unnecessary, and was sure Horseface most annoyed at this, knew she was fearfully competitive.  This declared positive nonsense by Mrs Payne, her success undeniable, was sure Horseface appreciative.

Having cleared flour from small area of table, had lunch as Mrs Payne continued baking.  Most surprised as Mrs Payne continued fearful strategy of adding extra butter.  Early batches quite revolting.  Further, suggested rather seriously should stop baking, as Mrs Payne pondered out loud,
"Should I take twenty four, or thirty?".

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