Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 163

Mrs Payne positively glowing since her party, most pleased with success.  Unfortunately nose glowing most of all, as has fearful cold, presumable due to sitting in rain.  All the same, is positively unstoppable in talking about the event.  Mrs Payne's flag remains erected in flower pot in lounge.

Before had event sat at breakfast table this morning, Mrs Payne exclaimed with pride,
"What a jolly ACHOO! day.  To think we ACHOO! had so many people!  Did you ACHOO! see Uptight's ACHOO! face?".

Mrs Payne most pleased also, as has sparked quite tea party frenzy amongst friends, with Horseface having organised tomorrow's.  Said would be terribly nice, but was sure not to be quite level of jollity had for Jubilee.  Went on to say had told Horseface was "terribly nice of her to try her best".  Sure Horseface positively furious at this!

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