Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 164 - lunch

Most pleased at lunch as Mrs Payne returned from tea with Horseface.  Mrs Payne stormed in, in utmost fury, and slammed small paper bag on table, uttering in disgust,
"These are for you.".

Investigated the package, while Mrs Payne set about lunch for herself.  Found inside two perfectly formed cup cakes, looking most delicious and with variety of decorations.  Said these terribly nice, were they from Horseface?  Received altogether unhelpful response as Mrs Payne poured tea,
"Absolute filth!".

Sat for quite some moments in silence, as was evidently in danger of stoking the fire, however curiosity ultimately supreme, queried as to whether Mrs Payne's cakes had gone down well?

Followed a story from Mrs Payne, most viciously told, that cakes had been presented to Horseface in terribly nice manner, as trying to help tea party run smoothly.  This apparently taken rather badly by Horseface, positively cut the cakes, leaving them in kitchen.  Some time later Mrs Payne saw to retrieve cakes, only to find had been positively scoffed by Horseface's dogs!  At this Mrs Payne said was quite obviously on purpose, jolly well served Horseface right that dogs rather sick.  As party ended rather abruptly, Horseface insisted she returned with cakes, Mrs Payne saying had good mind to throw them in her face.

This story altogether harrowing, and as it unfolded began nibbling one of the cakes provided.  Said by the by was most delicious.  This taken altogether badly by Mrs Payne, positively shook as she exclaimed loudly,
"FILTH!", at which quite snatched cake from my jaws, and opening kitchen window, positively hurled it outside, as I looked on in astonishment as cake disappeared over next door's fence.

After several calming minutes, Mrs Payne apologised for this profusely, said it wasn't my fault Horseface ever so rude.  Replied not to worry, as set about retrieving other cake from bag.  At this Mrs Payne explained rather calmly,
"Oh no, Robert, that's for your wife.".

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