Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 164

Mrs Payne carefully packed up her cakes for Horseface's tea party.  Bound to say items looked quite frightful.  Attributed good deal of Mrs Payne's success on Jubilee to other half and my rather excellent cake making.  Mrs Payne's cakes in that instance, as well as largely being eaten herself, typically provided as buttery treat for neighbourhood dogs.  Unseen by Mrs Payne, naturally.  In fact, saw one boy given awful scolding from mother as his dog having been given one of Mrs Payne's, was promptly sick.

Asked Mrs Payne would she require driving to boss and Horseface's home, with response with some aggravation that Horseface had invited Mrs Uptight, as such she would be driving.  Said was jolly good had not been involved in argument on Jubilee day regards lawn.  Mrs Payne went rather pale at this, asked should she take reconciliatory cake around first?  Heart quite jumped at this, said awfully quickly perhaps not, really, perhaps best leave them for later.  Yes, later.  Certainly.

Most odd as was told tea party was this morning at 11 o'clock.  Exclaimed to Mrs Payne could certainly not be called tea, but rather, was elevenses.  Mrs Payne most confused about this.  Asked rather slowly,
"Eleven of what?".

Decided it was time for work.

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