Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 166 - lunch

Went downstairs for mid-morning tea to find other half at laptop playing Solitaire.  Explained had tried to get printer working, altogether unsuccessful.  Mrs Payne was in process of looking at plug, said it looked,
"A bit zappy".
Declared this absolute nonsense, plug positively fine, had merely to put it in wall.  As such spent quite some time connecting items for other half whilst she made us tea.  Had all perfectly working and set about going to office myself.  Had barely sat down when heard call from other half, by the by, Internet would not work, could I help?

Finally got back to work just before lunch, and had barely half hour before was back down for lunch.  Found Mrs Payne at computer whilst other half looking over some notes.  Mrs Payne exclaimed with pleasure,
"I'm using the world web, Robert!  I'm a silver skier!".
Begged her pardon, but was she not "surfing"?  Mrs Payne most confused at this, asked why would one surf a web?  Further, she couldn't swim.

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