Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 166

Positively fearful end to week, so enjoyed rather some peace over weekend.  Was looking forward to this continuing into week, however other half said Sunday evening, by the by, had she said she was working from home next week?  Replied distinctly had not, and would be terribly busy myself, not a jot of time to help arranging computer and so on.  Other half most displeased with this, said was not an idiot, and if needed help, would ask Mrs Payne for assistance.  Bound to say I quite scoffed at this, at which Mrs Payne explained machine fearfully easy to use, was just, "a box of wires".

Had breakfast rather promptly this morning, and stole upstairs to office leaving other half battling with various cables for laptop computer and printer and such.  Mrs Payne looked on with interest, exclaiming as I went upstairs,
"Fearfully easy, Robert!  Before you go, do you have any pliers?".

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