Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 167 - lunch

Quite escaped home mid-morning, unfortunately taking Mrs Payne with me.  Explained awfully seriously would be working, could certainly not be interrupted.  This duly promised, and having found table in deli, set about work, having provided Mrs Payne with suitable sustenance and puzzle book.

Had barely opened computer programs on laptop as Mrs Payne interrupted, said was terribly sorry, but had eaten cake already.  Ever so small, might she see about getting something else?  Replied with some annoyance, by all means, at which Mrs Payne explained by the by, had I any money?  Was terribly silly, had left purse at home!

Watched for quite some minutes as Mrs Payne acquired a pastry and had lengthy conversation with proprietor.  Made fearfully sure about extracting change from Mrs Payne, as had given her twenty pounds.  Mrs Payne appeared most surprised at this, said it was barely worth her handing it back, had already put it in her bag!  How much had I given her, ten pounds?

Bound to say deli rather nice for food, and further pleased as Mrs Payne said was terribly bored, she would go for walk, be back shortly.  Said this a capital idea, by the by, had she retrieved my money from her bag as yet?  Most annoyed as Mrs Payne bolted for door, saying rather quickly,
"Good-bye!  Back shortly!".

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