Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 167

Other half did not a jot of work yesterday afternoon as Mrs Payne continued her silver "skiing".  As such had fearful interruptions by other half offering tea, saying she should really be working, and saying she really shouldn't go shopping, should she?  Did indeed not go shopping, most unfortunate as barely achieved a jot of work myself.  Interrupted also by Mrs Payne asking how the web works, exclaiming,
"Must be a jolly big box of wires!  Do they have a separate world web in France?", adding with some thought,
"Could we buy some world web, for home?".

Noticed last night in newspaper deli has opened around corner.  Said at once looked altogether nice, other half and Mrs Payne could go there and work tomorrow, would be most jolly!  Thought this ever so clever, as would no doubt get not a jot of work done as yesterday, however would leave me in peace.  This suggestion vigorously declined by other half, said such an idea absolute nonsense, had piles of work to do, rather, why did I not take Mrs Payne?  Was jolly nice, after all!  Rather annoyed at this, however other half most insistent.  Further annoyed as Mrs Payne asked with excitement,
"Can we take the world web with us?".

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