Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 168 - lunch

Was rather grateful this morning to enter office and get some peace and make progress with work.  Fearfully busy this week as project deadline on Friday, quite terrible.

Was interrupted barely hour after breakfast with knock at office door, and opening it found Mrs Payne with serving trolley with cup of tea on it, and selection of biscuits on plate.  As looked on in astonishment, Mrs Payne asked with much chirp,
"Tea lady!  Would you like coffee and biscuits?".
Thought this most peculiar, queried how had she managed to get serving trolley upstairs?  Mrs Payne explained this most easy,  item altogether light.  By the by, had I noticed some rather large marks on wallpaper previously?

Stood in silent fury at this as Mrs Payne prepared biscuits and handed me coffee mug and plate.  Followed some uncomfortable silence, after which Mrs Payne said,
"That'll be two pound please.".
Begged Mrs Payne's pardon, what would be two pounds?  At this Mrs Payne explained with much surprise,
"Oh, quite right!  Two pound fifty, the biscuits are twenty five pence.".

Followed quite some discourse on why would not be paying for coffee and biscuits had bought myself, should jolly well be charging her!  At this Mrs Payne most displeased, tried with quite some effort to pry plate from my fingers, with little success.  In act of defiance, Mrs Payne picked up two biscuits on my plate, promptly devoured them whole.  In response, grabbed handful of biscuits from tray, and before had chance for a word, promptly shut office door in Mrs Payne's face, hearing in annoyance,
"I DO wish he wouldn't do that.".

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