Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 169

Positively furious this morning as found Mrs Payne in office using my computer after breakfast.  Asked her what the devil she was doing, and received altogether surprised reply,
"Only trying to get some world web.", adding further,
"I can pay!  I have seventeen pounds!".

Explained in much annoyance that please could she not my computer, frightfully important items for project that did not want to lose.  Further, that seventeen pounds mine, perhaps could see about returning it to me?

Conversation quickly changed, Mrs Payne said, by the by, the world web had communicated with her!  Terribly exciting, as asked who was there, and had said it was Elisabeth Payne.  Most curious, as had called her Bitty in reply!  Said box of wires ever so clever, could she speak to the world web again?  Replied quite distinctly not, and ejecting Mrs Payne from my office chair, said rather sharply not to invade my office again.

Further expelled Mrs Payne from office, and returned to computer to find work altogether having disappeared!  No amount of searching count find it.  Quite beside myself with fury as stalked out of office and shouted downstairs in much annoyance that Mrs Payne had deleted my work.  Received prodigiously irritating reply,
"Why don't you ask the world web where it is?".
Quite ignoring this advice in silent annoyance, stalked back into office to start work again.

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