Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 170 - lunch

Bound to say did altogether little this morning having worked furiously yesterday for no benefit.  Had come to expect knock at door around mid-morning tea time, with Mrs Payne having dragged serving trolley upstairs and received further remark, by the by, had I seen additional marks on wall.

Quite refused to pay for coffee, despite uncomfortable silence and Mrs Payne requesting her two pounds.  Said I'd be hanged before paying for coffee I'd already paid for.

Coming down for lunch other half looked fearfully concerned, said working from home positively frightful, had got barely a jot done.  Further, apparently owed Mrs Payne for coffee, was costing rather a lot!  At this, Mrs Payne said would have to see about bill.  Complained furiously at this, whilst Mrs Payne mouthed numbers to herself and calculated on back of envelope.

The best form of defence being attack, I stated rather firmly as Mrs Payne finished her calculations, could she see about returning my seventeen pounds?  Positively furious, as Mrs Payne, reading out services rendered as a bank clerk,
"Coffee, seven of, two pounds each.  Biscuits, twelve of, twenty five pence.  Seven.  Fourteen.  Three.  That makes seventeen pounds!  I say, Robert, how much did you say I owed you?".

Too furious to reply.

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