Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 170

Positively furious last night at dinner as Mrs Payne queried had the world web found my work?  Replied with much annoyance, distinctly not, however had worked awfully hard all afternoon to catch up.  Mrs Payne queried after some silence, by the by, had the world web communicated with me?  Bound to say, quite ignored this.

Still awfully tired this morning as had worked again after dinner.  Went to bed at frightful hour, but have finally caught up.

Mrs Payne again asked regards world web communicating with me.  Said rather sharply this most ridiculous, could she please stop asking.  This taken awfully badly, said was only trying to help.  Had mentioned Robert the other day, so presumed wanted to pass on message.  Further, world web had said something about Whitchurch, terribly curious, was it not?

Shook with annoyance, as asked Mrs Payne ever so calmly, what had the world web said, exactly?  At this Mrs Payne stared into space, as one recalling some far distinct memory, and said as if channelling a spirit,
"Hello Bitty.  Tell Robert not to worry about Whitchurch, it's been binned.".
Begged Mrs Payne's pardon, might she have told me about this earlier?  This apparently most ridiculous, was sure world web talking quite nonsense.  Further, what did "binned" mean?

Explained after some minutes of silence that Whitchurch was project I was working on, message was from boss, and "binned" meant had quite wasted furious day of work.  Mrs Payne altogether surprised at this, exclaimed in awe,
"The world web knew all that!  Fancy!".

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