Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 171

Had quite fearful weekend as Mrs Payne constantly complaining about bedroom not to her liking.  This began with terrifying cry Sunday morning, and news over brunch that as to Mrs Payne's toe having been quite stubbed by,
"That jolly silly stool".  Begged her pardon, but had it not been her that moved this from opposite side of room such that could rest her foot on it to minister various ointments, which, by the by, had noticed quite quantity of on fabric?

This query duly ignored, Mrs Payne continued with utmost vigour and had not a jot of silence to read Sunday newspaper.  Received list of quite travesties to interior decorating ethos, and bedroom altogether unsuitable.  Suggested perhaps Mrs Payne would prefer room at nursing home, had number quite safe should we need to call.  Mrs Payne most displeased about this, said thought of spending more time with old people quite fearful.  Said rather upset that was as if I didn't want her to stay!  Laboured under duress of other half's stares, certainly wanted her to stay!  Of course!  Why wouldn't I!  Spending time with old people?  Dreadful.

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