Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 173 - lunch

Heard quite fearful cry from Mrs Payne this morning, and rushing to make sure had not caused herself a mischief, bore full brunt of quite furious complaint at drawers in middle of room, had stubbed her toe again.  Bound to say had not jot of sympathy, as had put drawers in middle of room herself, and said as much.

Room altogether lacking in progress.  Mrs Payne successfully scraped little chips of wood from wallpaper, leaving quite frightful mess around exterior of room, spotted wallpaper, and not a jot more progress.  Begged her pardon, did she expect to be done by Christmas?  This taken most badly, said with annoyance, had stuck wallpaper on too much.  Thought this most amusing, queried was I not to use super glue?  At this Mrs Payne looked me straight in the eye, exclaimed with annoyance,

Came down mid-morning for tea and found Mrs Payne sat on sofa reading newspaper, positively without a care.  Queried as to progress on room and was told with utmost pleasure would be done shortly.

Having made tea, looked with optimism in biscuit barrel but found not a crumble remaining.  Most displeased at this, said to Mrs Payne was all too much.  This taken with much indignation, replied in annoyance,
"I barely touched them!".

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