Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 173

Checked on decorating yesterday afternoon and found Mrs Payne asleep on her bed, open biscuit barrel on bed stand with barely a biscuit left.  Coughed to wake Mrs Payne as I inspected the walls, with Mrs Payne stirring from her slumber, saying,
"Wallpaper, fearful, biscuits, biscuits.".

Bound to say barely thing had been done.  Chest of drawers had been moved into middle of room, although was aware of this already, from much oofing heard from office earlier.  Behind drawers, Mrs Payne had begun peeling off existing wood chip wallpaper.  Looking to have peeled off some few inches at the bottom of one piece, the work had evidently stopped.  Further up wall some additional attempts had been made with scraper, now resting on floor with few snowflakes of wallpaper as evidence of work.

Coughing rather louder, Mrs Payne awoke, saying sleepily,
"Hello Robert.  Haven't I made progress!".  At this I looked around room in confusion, expecting some unnoticed work to become apparently, but not a jot was found.  Said to Mrs Payne had rather lot left to do, did she not.  Mrs Payne most displeased at this, said with some annoyance,
"Don't be fearful, I've done the lot!  Doesn't it look lovely!", at which proceeded to get up from bed, and rubbing her eyes, looked around room, saying with dismay,
"Oh, it was a dream.".

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